The New Jaguar XE to Hit the Market Soon

The Jaguar XE is all set to hit the market. Official sale is has been fixed for early 2015. The model has directly pitched at its rival – Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3 Series, and Audi A4. According to the officials at Jaguar officials, the launch will efficiently eclipse its rivals with its incredible amalgamation of ground-breaking chassis and exemplary design. The engine and in-cabin technology will take Jaguar to great heights of global powerhouse. The transformation from small-scale car maker in to a direct answer to its premium German rivals is impressive and much awaited for Jaguar lovers.

Jaguar XE is powered by an all new 161bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine with 280lb ft of pulling power. The feature will efficaciously deliver average economy of around 75mpg and 99g/km of CO2 emissions. These features make the latest introduction by Jaguar extremely efficient. In fact, it is the most efficient Jaguar ever built. No wonder it beautifully casts a strong shadow on all of the offerings from its present day rivals. When compared with the competent dynamics model of the BMW 3 Series, the 161bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine with pulling power of 280lb ft and averages 68.9mpg with emissions of emits 109g/km of CO2, Jaguar is sure shot winner. However, Mercedes and BMW are on their way to launch new engine variants for models in coming 12 months of time.

Branded as Ingenium, the latest dynamic diesel engine is integral part of new range of Jaguar’s all-new turbo-charged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. This is supposed to deliver class-leading fuel efficiency, performance, and brilliant refinement. Presently, the details of engine range have not been revealed yet in full. However, it is said that the engine will be about 80 kg lighter as compared to present equivalent units. The diesels will be accessible with options for six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic gearboxes. On the other hand, two 2.0-litre petrol models are available with automatic gearbox only. The performance figures and power outfits for petrol engines haven’t been revealed by Jaguar yet.
One of the best things about new Jaguar XE is low emissions and high fuel economy. It results in lower costs for running. According to the engineers of Jaguar, the engine bay layout has been methodically engineered to make sure key parts are effortlessly accessible in order to cut down on servicing costs and reducing insurance rating.

The latest electric power steering system of the car will set it apart from its competitors. The technology is more advanced as compared to when rivals adopted it initially. The level of steering feedback is perfectly matched with economy and low-speed manoeuvrability benefits.

The company will also introduce bigger six-cylinder engined versions of the XE. The Jaguar XE S, which will be available from launch powered by a supercharged 335bhp 3.0-litre V6 engine delivering 361lb ft of pulling power allowing it the top speed of 155mph. The engine is a customized version of the unit. The performance is largely comparable with the £39,310 Audi S4.

Cutting Edge Technology

The all new Jaguar XE sits on a brand new aluminium platform structural design used across a selection of new products such as the latest Jaguar SUV expected to hit the market in 2016. As per the claims made by Jaguar, it will emerge as world leader in lightweight aluminium construction owing to its momentous usage of the material in cars. The company also claims that the new structure is the most advanced existing worldwide. The XE will also be the lightest, tautest, and most aerodynamic Jaguar ever structured. The lightness of vehicle works towards underlining emission and fuel efficiency in conjunction with highly impressive handling and ride characteristics.

Suspension technology usually associated with bigger, expensive cars is used by XE. This is what sets it apart from its competitors. Jaguar is expecting the vehicle to score a full five-star Euro NCAP crash test result owing to its aluminium architecture strength and integration of active safety systems such as a pop-up bonnet triggered the moment a pedestrian hits the front-side of vehicle of the car. Hence, the vehicle is less risky in a second impact.

Technology Firsts

The car is integrated with an All Surface Progress Control system to handle slippery conditions with low-speed cruise control function. The XE comes integrated with standard stereo sensors that help scanning road ahead. These are capable of triggering the brakes once impact potential is detected. The auto-brake system will act to cut down impact speed. It can even bring the vehicle to a standstill, depending on the time it gets to react. The sensors will control departure warning of XE and its traffic sign recognition expertise. The standard equipment includes blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, semi-automated parallel, and bay parking. When reversing, traffic detection facility is also available.

The colour head-up display system projecting info including speed of the vehicle and instructions on sat-nav instructions on windscreen to ensure driver’s eyes are on road always. The company claims that its display unit is a third of the weight of those used by rivals.

Engineering Breakthroughs in Design

Jaguar claims for some revolutionary breakthrough in its design with the launch of XE. The structure is flawlessly balanced with short front overhang and longer rear overhang. The cabin is pressed towards car’s rear to provide it a coupe like sporty look. It is said that the XE is most aerodynamic Jaguar ever built, with 0.26 drag coefficient. This is a straight comparison with the drag coefficient of 0.26 of BMW 3 Series. The taut, sculpted bonnet, rear corner lines, and J-blade (LED running light design) provide the vehicle the much desired sporty look.

The Amazing Interiors

A number of designs have been take from F-type, including dashboard dials design as well as the area similar to cockpit that wraps around the driver. According to Jaguar, the XE comes with ‘generous’ amounts of leg room and headroom both in the front and back. Some of the brilliant highlights of the vehicle include a complete choice of fabrics and leathers, wood veneers, as well as stitching styles so as to provide the vehicle the much desired handcrafted look. The ambient lighting can be switched between ten different colours.

The XE is also known to possess new generation infotainment system. This is precisely an area where Jaguar has conventionally lagged behind its range of rivals. The system will be operated with the help of a central touch-screen measuring 8.0-inch or voice control functions.

The InControl system has been fashioned so as to assimilate with smartphone of a driver or both to offer expert control over functions of vehicle and manage their day even while on the road. Apple and Android smartphones can control a huge range of functions of vehicle remotely through the InControl remote such a climate control system setting of XE, car security, starting of engine etc. The remote system will allow users control smartphone services sans touching the handset. Things can be done through touchscreen of vehicle. The vehicle has also been integrated with a Wi-Fi hotspot that facilitates connection between devices and the World Wide Web using antenna of car.

Jaguar XE woll be longer and wider than a BMW 3 Series yet a fraction lower. The company has claimed boot space of about 455 litres. As per the claims made by Jaguar, the boot opening can be powered, a feature no other rival offers. Maximum flexibility is promised by 40:20:40 rear seats split.

The Pricing

The complete details of Jaguar XE including the details for engine options, pricing and trim will be revealed only after October 4. The plan is to reveal these details at the Paris motor show. Additionally, the order books will open at the show and deliveries will start in April 2015.

The availability of Jaguar XE will be in a in a standard, R-Sport and S trim variants. As per the company sources, the sizes of wheels will vary from 17-20 inches. Special aerodynamic 17-inch wheels are set for special XE whereas the S variant will be on 20-inch wheels. According to the insiders hint, prices for the XE will start around £27,000. The leasing costs would be competitive. Residual values are protected by low emissions down and running costs of the vehicle.

Target Price data will not be available until the car is on sale. Reputation of the brand may not allow discounts but the company may offer around 5 per cent of discounts to be able to meet the ambitious projected sales volumes internationally.

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