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Audi R8 - The Most popular model of all time

Audi has always been one of the top brands when it comes to top performance cars. Throughout the years, Audi has released quite a lot of iconic sports cars and super cars. However, the company wanted to continue on an upward trend in making cars; they wanted to create a car that would push current technology even further into the future, and also one that would outperform all of the other cars that are currently on the road today. The Audi R8 is the idea that the company came up with, and it became the company’s most popular model of all time. If you are a die-hard Audi enthusiast, you can hire a Audi R8 from luxury Car hire.

The one thing that differentiates supercars from other vehicles is that they are constantly in an uncompromising pursuit of speed. Most cars have their engines mounted in the front, mainly because it is more cost efficient to do so, it makes the car safer during collisions, it also makes it much easier to control as the center of gravity of the engine is right above the front axle of the car, but it does make it harder for the car to accelerate.

However, if you want both speed and handling, you need to follow what Audi did to the R8; they placed the humungous V8 engine in the middle of the chassis. With the engine in the middle of the car, more weight is placed on the rear wheels, which means more traction and more efficient energy transmission. In addition, mid-mounted engines also place enough weight on the front wheels to aid in handling and braking; unlike in most rear-mounted, rear-wheel driven cars that tend to fishtail when the engine is gunned.


When it first made its debut back in 2006, it originally came with a 4.2L V8 engine that could produce up 424 bhp and 317 foot-pounds of torque, and all this power were transmitted to all four wheels thanks to an advanced four-wheel drive system. This gave the R8 incomparable acceleration and maneuverability.

In 2009, the Audi R8 got a huge upgrade with a V10 engine that could pump out 518 bhp and up to 390 ft-lbs of torque. And then in 2012, the supercar got yet another upgrade, this time with a V10+ engine option, which produced up to 542 horses and almost 400 ft-lbs of torque.

Although the R8 debuted with a V8 engine, it was entirely dropped from showrooms when the second generation of the Audi R8 debuted in 2015. The available engine options now were the improved V10, which pushes out 530 horses, and the V10+ option that can pump out more than 600 horsepower.

In terms of power and handling, a few cars, if any at all, could hold a candle against the Audi R8, and this is what makes it “unique”. Interesting indeed? Hire the impressive Audi R8 from super car rental (K2 Prestige).