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Experiencing the Luxury and Performance of the Range Rover SVR

Range Rover SVR is indeed the fastest and most powerful Land Rover car. Because of its powerful performance, it is the first SVR to emerge from the Jaguar Land Rover’s new SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) division. This SVR will let you experience more than just another ordinary and boring trip. It is known for its on- and off-road capabilities, highlighting the combination of luxury and performance. If you wish to have this car on zip zap zoom mode, check out super car hire London.


Technical Specifications of the Range Rover SVR

The Range Rover SVR has a 5.0L V-8 engine with a supercharged power of 575hp that accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds. It has 8-speed automatic transmission.

As expected from a luxury SUV, the interiors are modern and have soft surfaces for comfort and appeal. The interior of this 5-seater SVR has a classy and elegant touch with such quality materials such as Windsor leather and the fine details like the logo that’s exquisitely embossed on the headrest. The seats have heated leather as a standard, but it can also be cooled as needed.

On the other hand, the SVR’s exterior features a unique hood design made out of carbon fiber. There are vents on the carbon fiber bonnet and large intakes in the bumper and grille that allows a better flow to maximize performance. This SUV’s exhaust has quad-tailpipes with electronically-controlled valves.


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Price of Range Rover SVR in London

For its luxury and performance, it is understandable why the Range Rover SVR sits up high in the most expensive SUVs list. The 2019 Range Rover SVR is ranked 11th in the Luxury Midsize SUV list with a price tag of around £101,145.

It is true that you can find other SUVs priced lower than the SVR. However, they cannot compare with SVR’s capabilities, features, and highlights. The combination of the outstanding on- and off-road capabilities, engine power, and spacious interiors make the SVR worth every penny. You get to drive with its signature impressive soundtracks to boot.


Hire a Range Rover SVR from K2 Car Hire in London

The next best thing to owning a Range Rover SVR is renting one from K2 Prestige Car Hire London. You can ride a Range Rover SVR for as low as £375 per day. That’s a small price to pay to experience both the luxury and performance of a Range Rover SVR.

K2 Prestige Car Hire vehicles are kept in the best condition with high-quality care and maintenance. This means that customers can be assured that the SVR that you hire can be driven with ease and to their full potential.

Driving an SVR even for just a few hours or days is possible by booking a ride with K2 Prestige Car Hire. Just visit their official website at or call them at telephone numbers 02077949394 or +44 7860 778342.

You can also inquire about cars other than the SVR if you want to consider other car models. There are advisers available at all times to help you get the luxury car hire that will match your style and preference.