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Hire a BMW 1 Series Car for New Year’s Day – An Exciting Start of a Brand New Year!

Looking forward to having an exciting start to a New Year? Hire a BMW 1 Series! This is one of the most popular choices among luxury car lovers. Since the luxury comes to your doorstep without the exorbitant price tag, it is easier to make special occasions in life memorable for a lifetime.

BMW 1 Series is the best car you can drive on New Year’s Eve. You will remember this drive for years to come. It is definitely a good start to a whole new chapter of your life. The small classy luxurious vehicle will make you the showstopper for the party. Be prepared to see some of the eyeballs pop and jaws drop right till knees!

At K2 Prestige Car Hire, we are offering BMW 1 Series for hire. These cars are maintained well and available at affordable rates for a few hours to days and weeks depending on your specific requirements and budget.

You would simply love the feeling of driving this beauty around the town for celebrating a New Year. It is an out and out ‘drivers’ car with spot-on driving position and ample room for adjustment. It is easy to fall for splendid body control, unsurpassed grip and a balanced feel provided by the front-engined, rear-wheel-drive chassis. The BMW 1 Series is undoubtedly the most appealing option for all of the enthusiastic drivers and luxury car aficionados.

Right from super classy interiors to an equally mesmerising exterior, BMW 1 Series is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a unique way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Some of the impressive features of the car include curtain airbags for the driver, passenger, and sides, traction, dynamic stability control, alarm, remote central locking, Immobiliser, and deadlocks for security.

BMW 1 Series comes with an outstanding driving position. It provides with a high scope for adjustment. You would love other features integrated into the car such as a full set of powered windows, a CD player, air-conditioner, alloy wheels, powerful steering wheel, fog lights, climate control, parking sensors, a body kit, and firmer suspension.

In case, you are thinking of hiring the 2010 BMW 1 Series car, you will enjoy some hi-tech features such as start-stop system, brake energy regeneration, an electric water pump, and an electric power steering.

So if you are thinking of celebrating the New Year’s Eve in a special way, simply hire a BMW 1 Series. It is a perfect car for partying with friends, family and enjoy a romantic escapade with your partner.

Hiring this beautiful luxury car will help you enjoy the best and most memorable New Year’s Eve of your life. Simply check out deals on our BMW car rental section of the website and make your event special.