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Top 10 Luxury Cars in The UK – Which One is Your Favourite?

Although luxury cars may make for a perfect choice for those with surplus cash in hand, they still play a significant role in the automotive industry in the UK. This is because everybody is interested in them, read about them, and fantasise them.

Majorly designed to guarantee enjoyable and comfortable travelling experience, manufacturers spoil luxury cars via integrating vast amounts of leg and headroom, superlative ride efficiency, exceptional performance, and unrivalled levels of internal gear.

The list below includes cars that look attractive, have different sizes, shapes, and offered at varying prices. However, they all have one thing in common – Luxury.

Here are our top 10 most popular luxury cars in the UK:

1. Jaguar XJ

The introduction of this premium luxury car UK caused quite a stir. One of the primary reasons behind this is that it is way ahead of its predecessor and the traditional Jaguar image in all respects. The super bold looks of the car distinguish it from rivals such as the S-Class and A8. The car looks very attractive, feels classy, and is entirely desirable.

2. Range Rover SUV

This may appear to be an off-roader but the incredible ride of this car and its commendable interior quality and quiet drive makes it a leader in the luxury car industry. The latest model of vehicle is about 400 kg lighter which indicates better fuel economy and reduced emissions. The V6 diesel engine is the one to go when it comes to offering 38 mpg and plenty of power. The Range Rover 2013 is practical as ever with an electrically operated split tailgate for easy access to the boot. The car is just perfect for those looking for one of the most luxurious cars on or off the road.

3. Audi A8

If it is about luxurious travel, the Audi A8 certainly leads the way. There are some better cars on the road but the amazing refinement of this car, sheer quality, and smart onboard expertise make it the most wonderful flagship to the impeccable Audi range. Behind the wheel and in the back, the Audi A8 is surely a pleasure.

4. Mercedes S-Class Saloon<

The latest update makes Mercedes S-Class saloon one of the best luxury cars one can invest in. Luxury car fanatics would love the amount of comfort offered by interiors of the car. The double-glazed windows, abundant amounts of legroom, massaging seats and long wheelbase version makes this car a hot favourite among car lovers. It’s unrivalled as a limousine owing to the super soft air suspension and extra powerful engines. The S-Class is also a class leader when it comes to equipment and technology.

5. BMW 5 Series GT

The 5 Series GT is more of a cross between the BMW 7 Series and the X5. At 5 metres long, the car is bigger in size than it appears to be. However, the well-balanced vehicle silhouette helps to mask the sheer size of it. GT is enormous on inside and outside styling inevitably divides opinion.

6. Porsche Panamera Hatchback

The Porsche Panamera is a super stylish sporty car that ensures incredible driving experience. All of the models in the range are super fast. Turbo S is considered to be a top-of-the-line model which offers comfortable seating experience for four people. The diesel engine option makes it highly economical.

7. Porsche Cayenne

Porsche is best known for its dynamic performance among sports cars, the Porsche Cayenne is essentially the best selling model ever under the brand. Kudos of the perfect blend of 4 x 4 practicality and handling of a Porsche which has a huge number of fans!

8. Bentley Continental GTC

It would not be wrong to say that only a few luxury car brands in the UK carry as much standing as Bentley. The best part is that the modern day renaissance in the classic British gazebo has been down to the Continental GT. A hot favourite among Premier League footballers, the GT is available with well-known W12 engine added with an all new V8 which makes it far more economical without compromising on performance that are strictly at Bentley levels.

9. Mercedes-Benz CLS

The unique Mercedes-Benz CLS has come up as something of a surprise hit in the car industry. A lot of car aficionados are turning to luxury car hire UK companies to experience the striking appeal of the vehicle. The swoopy shape of a coupe combined with practicality makes it an amazing option for luxury car lovers. It is a pleasure to drive. The second generation of the car adds a bit more bite with its sharper look and enhanced engines.


Infiniti has recently caught attention in the UK market. Although a Japanese product, it has managed to make its impact in the luxury car market in the United Kingdom. The FX is certainly the most distinctive model and the big SUV surely has a bounty of road presence. It is designed keeping in mind driver appeal than expediency and is equipped with a powerful 3.0-litre diesel engine.

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