Audi A5 Convertible Car Hire

The A5’s architecture is entirely conventional and familiar from its application across the Volkswagen Group; a steel unibody with a mix of petrol and diesel engines channelled through either front or Quattro all-wheel drive. What’s clever about the platform is how far forward the axle line is, meaning the A5’s mass is distributed more uniformly across both axles, and the longer wheelbase benefits ride quality.
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  • Brand : Audi
  • Daily Rate : £165
  • 4 Days+ : £140
  • Weekend Rate : £600
  • Minimum Age : 25
  • Deposit : £1250
  • Mileage Limit : 150 per day
165 £/for Per day(s)

Top Speed A 0-62mph sprint of 7.9sec means acceleration is perfectly adequate for most real-world driving situations.

Economy The entry-level 2.0 TDI coupé returns a remarkable 60.1mpg and emits 122g/km of CO2. The 168bhp 1.8 TFSI returns 49.6mpg and emits 134g/km CO2.

Engine A5’s engine range is extensive. The 3.0 TDI feels particularly well suited to the car, delivering appropriately effortless performance and impressive refinement. It’s lusty and linear right up to the red line and provides explosive overtaking potential from pretty much any speed. Two V6 engines complete the A5’s diesel line-up; a 3.0 TDI is available with either 201bhp or 242bhp.

Power It consists of four-cylinder petrol 1.8 TFSI with 168bhp. Other petrol motors include a 211bhp 2.0 TFSI and a 268bhp supercharged 3.0 TFSI V6. S5 models get a 328bhp supercharged 3.0-litre V6. The 175bhp 2.0 TDI is the entry-level diesel.

Torque 236lb ft of torque means there’s impressive low-end shove for a petrol unit.

Gearbox The 2.0 TFSI accompanies a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and Quattro all-wheel drive.

Available in Petrol, Diesel

The front suspension is a five-link affair for better control, each link constructed from aluminium (also good for ride) and mounted directly to a sub frame. Furthermore there’s electromechanical steering to improve feel and response, as well as economy.

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