Audi R8 Spyder V10 Car Hire

The Audi R8 arrives in an effectively ‘base’ Spyder spec – with a shorn of options. The V10’s ample delivery is wonderfully flat and linear. Slot fifth gear below 20mph, floor the throttle and no more than 30 seconds later you’ll be a mile up the track, having just passed 150mph. Each 20mph increment will have passed in around four seconds. Shift to fourth gear and 20mph increments take three seconds, in third gear they take two and a bit, and in second gear less than two.
  • Complete Price List
  • Brand : Audi
  • Daily Rate : £595
  • 4 Days+ : £580
  • Weekend Rate : £1785
  • Minimum Age : 25
  • Deposit : £2000
  • Mileage Limit : 100 per day
595 £/for Per day(s)

Top Speed with 0-60mph acceleration in the time range of 4.1sec.

Economy It gives a reasonable touring figure of 24.9mpg with an overall average of 16.6mpg in general use.
Engine V10 engine

Power N/A

Torque 8000rpm.

Gearbox stick-shift manual gearbox

Available in Petrol

At speed the hood proves well insulated, to the extent that it’s good for a claimed 195mph, the R8 Spyder is rarely louder than the coupé. The benefit, of course, is that with the hood down there is all the more opportunity to hear the V10′s vocal range. When the V10 engine is new it has a whip-crack response that is excellent when accelerating, but it can make it hard to match engine revs to downshifts. It is found that it becomes slightly more predictable over time as the engine loosens; developing into what is one of the most pleasingly responsive power plants currently in production.

Equipment levels associated with this model are high and residual values are predicted to be as good as those of most rivals.

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