Bentley Continental Flying Spur Car Hire

The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is a vast and potent luxury car. The Flying Spur is part two of Volkswagen’s rebirth of the famous Crewe marque, and uses the same basic underpinnings as its more sporting GT brother.
  • Complete Price List
  • Brand : Bentley
  • Daily Rate : £750
  • 4 Days+ : £440
  • Weekend Rate : £2250
  • Minimum Age : 25
  • Deposit : £3000
  • Mileage Limit : 100 per day
750 £/for Per day(s)

Top Speed It flies from 0-60mph in 5.0 sec, 0-100mph in 12.8 sec and 0-140mph in 27.7 sec, and to a top speed of 194mph. If you do feel the need to have yet more performance, the 600bhp Flying Spur Speed could be for you. It gets a 10mm lower ride height, will sprint to 60mph in just 4.5sec and should push on to over 200mph.
Economy This is a car that achieves 15mpg on a good day. You will surely be pleased with a realistic range of 200 miles between fill ups.
Engine 6.0-litre Twin-turbo W12 engine
Power The engine possesses 552bhp
Torque NA
Gearbox The six-speed automatic gearbox changes ratios quickly and fluently.
Available in Petrol
It has a unique twin-turbo 6.0-litre W12 powerhouse up front and the same basic wood and leather feast of an interior, but with two extra doors and a lot more room behind the front pair of seats.

In fact, where you really want to be is back down the cabin in one of the two rear chairs. These electrically powered seats that recline and adjust are separated by a long strip of wood veneer that houses individual climate control, electric seat buttons and their heating and cooling. There is a fantastic sense of space and luxury back here, especially when the front passenger seat is sent forward, as the nearside rear passenger has the power to do from his control panel.

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