BMW 5 Series Car Hire

BMW 5-Series is now a more sophisticated all-rounder than ever before. And with Efficient Dynamics on board, every model gets an impressive blend of performance and economy – astonishingly so in some cases.
  • Complete Price List
  • Brand : BMW
  • Daily Rate : £150
  • 4 Days+ : £130
  • Weekend Rate : £650
  • Minimum Age : 25
  • Deposit : £500
  • Mileage Limit : 150 per day
150 £/for Per day(s)

Top Speed 0-60mph time of 6.5sec

Economy 37.2mpg claimed average for that 523i

Engine The 530d 3.0-litre diesel’s headline figure of 242bhp is impressive enough on its own. With two turbochargers, the 535d engine has been comprehensively re-engineered and produces 295bhp and 442lb ft of torque. You can even ask for petrol version if you like.

Power The M5, with 552bhp from its twin-turbo V8, will get from 0-62mph in 4.4sec.

Torque The engine comes coupled to nigh on 400lb ft of torque, flat-lining from 1750 through to 3000rpm,

Gearbox Eight-speed automatic gearbox

Available in Petrol, Diesel

The vast range comprises saloon and estate (the 5-series GT has a separate review on the site), not forgetting a storming twin-turbo V8 M5. Trim levels are the easy bit to deal with – mainly you choose from SE or M Sport, although company car and eco minded buyers will gravitate towards the sole, saloon only Efficient Dynamics model, which is tuned for optimum efficiency.

To gain economies of scale, the new-generation BMW 5-series is built on the same basic platform that sits beneath the 7-series, 5-series GT and 6-series. The most obvious result of this is that the 5-series is now larger than ever; although the wheelbase is shortened by 100mm compared with the 7-series and 5GT, at 2968mm it is now the longest in its class.

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