Mercedes E63 Car Hire

With more than 500bhp, and a soundtrack straight from the NASCAR circuit, there's plenty to love about the Mercedes E63 AMG. In standard guise, the blown unit kicks out 517bhp, or the same as the old engine, although peak power is now developed 1550rpm earlier in the rev range at 5250rpm
  • Complete Price List
  • Brand : Mercedes Benz
  • Daily Rate : £450
  • 4 Days+ : £420
  • Weekend Rate : £1350
  • Minimum Age : 21
  • Deposit : £2000
  • Mileage Limit : 100 per day
450 £/for Per day(s)

Top Speed Top speed, like all AMG models, is limited to 155mph, although the Driver’s Package option, which also gets the buyer a day of high speed driver training, bumps it up to a limited 186mph.
Economy 24mpg
Engine The new E63 AMG has an upgraded engine management system. It introduces an additional 0.3bar of turbocharger boost pressure among other measures in a move that raises output to 549bhp at same 5250rpm, while raising torque a further 74lb ft to 590lb ft at 2000rpm.
Power The Performance Pack boosts power to 549bhp.
Torque Torque has risen by over 11 per cent, jumping from an already potent 464lb ft to 516lb ft at just 1700rpm or 3500rpm.
Gearbox he reworked gearbox picks off gears with greater speed and precision than before.
Available in Petrol
The performance of the new turbocharged engine is clearly more accessible than that of the old naturally aspirated unit, which needed to be worked harder before delivering its best. The defining characteristic is the enormous flexibility that is created as the two turbochargers.

The changes AMG has brought to its latest model make it a better everyday proposition while extending its already haughty performance potential and providing it with impressive fuel economy when driven at posted limits.

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