Porsche Boxster Car Hire

The Porsche Boxster is a sublime two-seat, all-purpose sports car. Nearly half of the Boxster’s monocoque structure is aluminium, the rest a mix of magnesium and high-strength steel.
  • Complete Price List
  • Brand : Porsche
  • Daily Rate : £170
  • 4 Days+ : £160
  • Weekend Rate : £620
  • Minimum Age : 25
  • Deposit : £1000
  • Mileage Limit : 100 per day
170 £/for Per day(s)

Top Speed 100mph
Economy Impressive economy and CO2 figures
Engine six-cylinder boxer engine
Power 9bhp
Torque You can rev this turbine masterpiece beyond 7500rpm without the faintest complaint, and once above 5000rpm it’s as potent as any motor in the class.
Gearbox An improved PDK dual-clutch gearbox, for even quicker shifts and better cruising economy.
Available in Petrol, Diesel
An all-new front suspension system is made up of a lightweight mix of struts and links that deliver better wheel control and chassis tuning potential than before. The multi-link set-up at the rear is derived from the one of the outgoing car.

Flexibility, response and creamy smoothness are key to the motive appeal of the car’s flat six. Porsche’s excellent paddle shift transmission makes keeping that engine on song an entirely enjoyable task. In manual mode the gearbox can drop two ratios without pausing between them, or left to shift by its own logic, it’s laid back in Normal mode and quick witted in Sport.

The Boxster remains unequivocally at the top of the roadster class for handling purity and driver reward. The Boxster’s PDK gearbox disconnects from the wheels when you lift the throttle at a cruise. This allows the engine to idle and reduces fuel consumption

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